We are the network of Austrian scientists and scholars in the USA, Canada, Mexico. Our objective is to support Austrian scientists and scholars in North America and to facilitate interactions between Austrian scientists and scholars and international research institutions.

The AMP is supported by the Alumni Club of the Medical University of Vienna, the Technical University of Vienna, and the Technical University of Graz. Established Austrian scientists provide aspiring scientists from Austria with guidance and experience. More

ASciNA Award 2017

ASciNA, in cooperation with the BMWFW recognizes young Austrian scientists in North America, for their scientific work with the ASciNA Award. The recipients in 2017 are Dietmar Offenhuber, Sandra Eibenberger and Isabella Rauch.. More


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JEMI Mentoring Initiative

By Monika Trebo | July 3, 2018

Mentoring is a priceless opportunity, but matching the best mentors with mentees is a science. For this reason, the Office of Science and Technology Austria (OSTA Washington) co-founded the Joint European Mentoring Initiative (JEMI), a collaboration project of European Science Diasporas in North America.
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ASciNA Mentoring-Programm 2018/19

By Monika Trebo | June 7, 2018

Das erfolgreiche Mentoring-Programm des Vereins Austrian Scientists and Scholars in North America (ASciNA) startet eine neue Ausschreibung unterstützt vom Alumni Club der Medizinischen Universität Wien, der Technischen Universität Wien und der Technischen Universität Graz.
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